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Corporate Blog Design

Corporate blog design follow several design principles in order to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. Web redesign follows the same set of rules and principles but most of the time, a redesign focuses on specific web design weaknesses. A text-laden website, for example, attracts and retains lesser visitors in comparison to websites that have more visual elements


UX design is the primary focus of most website redesign projects. And it’s for a good reason. Visitors often leave a website without performing any conversion task because the website is difficult to navigate with unintuitive design elements. In short, the website is barely usable to its target audience. In order to remedy this, website designers go back to the most important part of your website: the visitors. You need to understand the needs of your target market before you can sell to them.

Streamline your Website with Unified Branding in Corporate Blog Design

A corporate blog isn’t just an extension of your corporate website – it’s an important part of your business’ corporate image. Blogs serve as a channel for businesses to effectively reach their target audiences. Blogs are also very flexible. It is useful for product releases, an extension of a product/service’s knowledge base, informational articles, and announcements.

You’ll want your blog to become a reputable source of information – an authority blog. It should help position your company as a leader in your field. A blog is a powerful tool that when designed, structured, and maintained properly, will deliver solid results in regards to a company’s brand awareness and SEO.

How We Make Corporate Blog Designs Work

The design process for custom corporate blog is similar to the process we undergo in website design. Our team of highly-experienced designers first create a prototype, then, depending on your plan, refine it until it passes our high standards. Our dev team will then code and integrate the design to your website or create it into a standalone corporate blog within WordPress. Once your blog is set up and configured, we further customize it with plugins to extend its functionality.

We always ensure that the blog’s design is unique but still captures the essence of your corporate website’s image. Consistency is key.